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Thursday, 27 January 2011 07:04


Туристы в процессе торга

Australian family was forced to pay 56.500 baht in "damages" to Patong jet-ski operator

It is known for long time that hiring jet-skis on Phuket beaches can lead to unexpected expences. When they are returned to the beach, the operators inspect jet-skis and make claims for damages, which can reach as much as 100.000 baht in some cases, regardless of mandatory insurance which was introduced about 2 years ago.

Last week another family group of Australians holidaying on Phuket was forced to pay 56,500 baht today for ''damage'' to four jet-skis that they say they did not cause.

The group from Melbourne negotiated for almost two hours before giving up and paying the cash, having been told by the jet-ski operators that the Patong Tourist Police ''do not work at weekends.''

Michael Galijan, member of the group of friends and family, told that they hired eight jet-skis at 2000 baht each for 50 minutes.

When they returned to the beach, the operators made their claims for damages.

''We were silly,'' another member of the group said. ''The jet-skis were all in the water when we hired them. We didn't have the opportunity to see if there was already damage underneath.''

The faces of the group told what effect the rip-off had had on what until then had been an enjoyable break in Thailand. The group came to Phuket from Samui two days ago - and probably wished they'd stayed in Samui.


Not too many tourists are prepared to extend their stay and take the case to court, majority just pays scammers. Authorities are aware of existing situation but nothing or little is done about it. We would suggest to Phuket holidaymakers to avoid hiring jet-skis on Phuket beaches.

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